Voluma™ XC

Voluma™ XC is a modified hyaluronic acid that instantly adds volume to the cheek area and mid face area.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Does A Voluma™ XC Injection Involve?

  • You fill out a brief medical history to see if you are a candidate for Voluma™ XC.
  • The area of concern will be evaluated and expectations will be discussed.
  • Photographs will be taken.
  • Voluma™ XC will be injected into the desired area.
  • After the procedure, post care instructions will be reviewed.

How Does Voluma XC Work?
Voluma™ XC is a modified Hyaluronic Acid used to replenish loss of volume in the face.

What Are The Benefits Of Voluma™ XC​?

  • Reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles between the brows.
  • Increase lip volume.
  • Increase pre-jowl depression.
  • Define Cupids Bow.
  • Fill in lip lines.
  • Decrease Marionette lines.

How Will My Skin Look After Voluma™ XC​ Injection?
The area may be red and swollen. Temporary bruising many occur for the first week or so, which can be covered with make-up.

How Long Does It Take For The Voluma™ XC To Work?
Results are instant and immediately noticeable.

How Often Will I Need Voluma™ XC​?
Voluma™ XC provides natural looking results for up to 2 years.

Is Voluma™ XC​ Painful?
Most clients report minor and brief discomfort during the injections. Some clients choose to have a topical numbing cream when injecting around the mouth. Voluma™ XC is infused with Lidocaine to improve the comfort level.

Price: Purchase a single syringe for $850

Service Type Price Per Treatment
Voluma™ XC

Regularly $850.00 per syringe

Only $675.00 per syringe when it is your first

Voluma treatment

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