I was visiting my sister and we decided to get some Botox® done. I have never gotten Botox® it was seriously amazing.

Shannon did Botox® for me about four weeks ago. I truly thought it was going to be over-kill by the number of cc's she suggested. However, I could not be more happy with the results. She did around my eyes, between my brows, and my forehead. I have had Botox® at a couple other well known doctor's office's but this was by far the best results I have had.

Additionally, I'm very needle-phobic and I was very impressed with the care and extra time Shannon and one of her staff members took to make sure I was okay. I will definitely come back to this location for injections! - Tracie H.

I can make an appointment online! 5 rocking stars! They send you a confirmation email! 5 Awesomeness stars! They send you a reminder! 5 perfection stars.

They do not always answer their phone but you can leave a message. I would usually delete a couple of stars for that - but they have really wowed me so I am not doing any of the taking away stars!

They help you feel calm about the procedure. You are in and out in no time (depending on what you are getting done) and they are very professional.

Did I tell you that they have paperless sign ins? all your medical info is entered electronically! 100 green stars!!

These gals ROCK! - Renu D.

I've been to other hair removal places. I wish I had come here first. I am paying far less for hair removal here than other places and I feel the end result is truly amazing. I have PCOS and hair growth is constant. After 5 sessions I only have 2-3 straggler hairs left growing. The cost is reasonable, they've NEVER pushed for tips in the 5 visits I've been, and they are kind which is of the utmost importance to me. I'm self-conscious. And I'm never, ever made to feel anything other than welcome and appreciated. That's worth five stars to me. - Heather B.

I moved to Seattle from Denver over two years ago and man do I miss this place! I first discovered them in 2006 and was amazed at how affordable the prices were for laser hair removal. I had a free consultation with Shannon and then scheduled my first appointment after that. I have super thick hair, so it took a lot of treatments (like 10+) before the hair was completely gone*, but they are so affordable that I didn't have to sell personal belongings to get the job done. I really wish they had a location in Seattle, the places out here just don't compare! - Amanda S.

Uptown Medical Aesthetics`s Laser Hair Removal technology is awesome!!! I've had it done at other places and I l saw no reduction of the hair. I was just about to give up on my hair free dream when my friend recommended Uptown Medical Aesthetics. I was doubtful, but they offer free consultations so I had nothing to lose. During the consultation my technician explained to me why their lasers would work and how they are different from others. Since the prices are so desirable compared to other places I decided to give laser hair removal one last chance. THANK GOODNESS I DID!! I am so happy with the results! I already noticed a difference after 1 treatment! I can't imagine what 5 more treatments are going to do for me! - Northcutt A.

I have had laser hair removal in the past, and had horrible results, so needless to say, I was a little hesitant to try it again, but my friend had been going to Uptown Medical Aesthetics, and had nothing but good things to say about it, and her results were amazing, so I figured I'd give it another try. The staff was so nice and welcoming, and it was very clean! After my first treatment on my underarms, I saw great results, and I am now three treatments in, and just bought my bikini because I was so happy!!! My technician just told me that they do skin stuff there too, and her skin was gorgeous, so I might consider trying that too! The prices are very affordable, which is very important to me because I'm a college student...I would definitely recommend Uptown Medical Aesthetics to anyone and everyone. - Ann Tellison

I have had bad razor burn on my face and neck every time I would shave, and was tired of the ingrown hairs, so I decided to laser it. I have had 5 treatments. I have a lot less hair and no razor burn anymore! I wish I would've done it sooner! - Vincent V.

Best Place For Botox®! Great Price and I Just Loved My Results! 2 THUMBS UP!!! - Jenny J.

Uptown Medical Aesthetics is my favorite! I always look forward to my next appointment weather its Laser hair removal or a microderm treatment. I always enjoy the pleasantness of the staff and how they make me feel like I am their first and biggest priority. I will never go anywhere else! - Brooklyn G.

I had shopped around for a while trying to find a place with laser hair removal. When I found Uptown Medical Aesthetics I was very happy to see how inexpensive they were and also to be greeted by such friendly and understanding people. I decided to go with them and have been very happy with all of the treatments I have tried. Thank you very much for your help with my beauty concerns. - Yvette B.

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