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Answering Questions About This Body Sculpting Procedure

CoolSculpting® is an outstanding non-surgical body contouring improvement method, ridding areas on your body of stubborn and unwanted fat deposits. This procedure is safe, virtually painless, and works well with other treatments to achieve your aesthetic goals. While CoolSculpting is not a weight loss solution, it can reduce or eliminate areas your diet and exercise regimen can’t budge. Many of our patients have questions about this treatment option, so we’ve answered some of the most frequent ones. If you have other questions or need further explanation on any answers we’ve provided, you can contact us today.

Is CoolSculpting® Right for Me?

CoolSculpting targets stubborn body fat in specific areas, including your abdomen, arms, legs, chest, and love handles. However, this procedure is not designed for weight loss purposes. The process helps you lose fat cells, but weight loss is not a typical result. CoolSculpting may be right for you if you have certain areas on your body you are unhappy with, but we recommend scheduling a consultation with Uptown Medical Aesthetics to discuss your concerns and goals.

How Long Does Treatment Take?

While CoolSculpting typically takes between 35 and 60 minutes, this treatment’s duration depends on the area we treat. Fortunately, this non-invasive procedure doesn’t involve any post-treatment downtime. We will let you know how long your treatments will take for each area you want to address, including how long you can expect to be at our office. Our treatment center offers CoolSculpting® Elite to ensure our patients get the best possible results.

Where on My Body Can I Get CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is cleared by the FDA in the United States to treat fat bulges in 9 areas of your body. We can effectively apply this treatment method to your double chin or submental area, inner or outer thighs, abdomen, love handles or flanks, back or bra fat, upper arms, and under your buttocks, also called a banana roll. Your CoolSculpting Specialists can advise you on where CoolSculpting can reduce your fat bulges.

Where Does the Fat Go After the Procedure?

We target your fat cells using freezing technology during treatment, crystallizing them and effectively killing them. After the fat cells are no longer viable, your body naturally processes and eliminates them. This freezing method permanently eliminates stubborn fat. The controlled freezing process only affects your fat cells, leaving other tissues undamaged.

Is This Procedure Safe?

The FDA has cleared CoolSculpting to treat visible fat bulges in various areas of your body. While this procedure is perfectly safe for most qualified patients, a few situations would put them at risk. If you suffer from cold agglutinin disease, paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria, or cryoglobulinemia, you should not have the procedure. Please keep in mind that CoolSculpting is not a treatment designed to address obesity. We advise you to consult our medical professionals to verify if you are a good candidate.



What Does It Feel Like to Get CoolSculpting?

You might feel a mild to intense cold sensation during the first few minutes of the CoolSculpting procedure. The applicator acts like a vacuum and holds your fatty area in place, so you might feel some pulling. After about five or 10 minutes, your treated area typically goes numb. Most of Uptown Medical Aesthetics’ patients are comfortable while we perform their CoolSculpting treatments. You can read, check your emails, watch your favorite show, or relax while controlled cooling eliminates your fat bulges. We massage the treated area for a few minutes after completing your treatment. You can return to your daily activities immediately following your session because CoolSculpting is a non-invasive procedure.

Does CoolSculpting Have Any Side Effects?

CoolSculpting treatments may cause a cool sensation on the treated area that will turn numb after five to 10 minutes. You may also feel a tugging sensation at the application site because of the vacuum effect. You may have some temporary side effects following your procedure, including bruising, redness, swelling, tenderness, tingling, stinging, firmness, blanching, cramping, aching, itching, or sensitivity. Getting CoolSculpting to treat your double chin may cause fullness in the back of your throat. Uptown Medical Aesthetics can explain all the potential side effects in detail to ensure you’re comfortable with undergoing the CoolSculpting procedure.

Schedule a Consultation in Northglenn, CO

Uptown Medical Aesthetics is ready to help you achieve your cosmetic goals by eliminating stubborn fat bulges with CoolSculpting. Our team is well versed in the CoolSculpting Elite procedure, so you can feel comfortable and confident in this treatment. We can pair CoolSculpting with other aesthetic treatment options to resolve a wide array of cosmetic issues, including injectables, exfoliation, and skin rejuvenation. Contact us today to discuss your goals and determine if CoolSculpting is right for your needs.