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We are Uptown Medical Aesthetics, a clinic that fulfills your beauty needs with a medical approach. Our aim is to help you on your journey to get glowing and youthful skin. All of our treatments are FDA approved, and only the most experienced and educated personnel keep you well-informed and ensures you’re having safe and effective treatments to serve your individual skin care needs.

When you begin your journey at Uptown Medical Aesthetics, we first offer a complimentary consultation and assessment by an experienced aesthetician. We then make a recommendation that fits your unique needs, and fully educate you about the treatment or series of treatments.

We have the reputation, experience, and technology to deliver excellent results with the minimal down time you deserve. Not only can you look your best, but you can also feel your best.

Our aesthetic services include:

Exfoliation: If you’re looking for skin that radiates and is soft to the touch, our body treatments are designed to deeply cleanse and replenish, lifting that unwanted veil of dull and dry skin. Our three types of mechanical exfoliation include microdermabrasion (regular and dermasweep) as well as Dermaplane.

Skin Rejuvenation: We offer a variety of skin rejuvenating services that will purify, refresh, and relax your skin, including microneedling, platelet rich plasma and photo facials. These beautifying treatments will relieve your skin from stress while adding a natural shine to it.

Our unique approach to beauty

What makes us truly different is our commitment to providing only scientific, evidence-based medical treatments and procedures that we know have been proven and will be effective in achieving the results you desire. If you’re looking for a way to rejuvenate your skin, let our aestheticians and certified laser specialists customize a skin care plan and begin your journey to a more radiant, beautiful you.

Uptown Medical Aesthetics Services

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