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What is AquaGold® Fine Touch™?

Uptown Medical Aesthetics takes pride in all our cosmetic treatment solutions for issues like fine lines and wrinkles. AquaGold® Fine Touch™ is an outstanding option for clients with various dermal imperfections. This treatment option is a first-of-its-kind, patented microchannel microinjector that delivers specially selected therapeutics into your skin with a painless and effective process. AquaGold® effectively addresses a broad range of skin concerns, including acne scarring, facial volume loss, decreased skin elasticity, fine lines, and wrinkles. The 20 24k gold microchannels AquaGold® Fine Touch™ uses are thinner than a human hair and ensure this treatment is nearly painless but still delivers maximum results.

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Common questions about AquaGold

AquaGold® Fine Touch™ makes managing cosmetic facial issues an easy process with comfortable treatment and exceptional results. Many of Uptown Medical Aesthetics’ clients have questions about this cosmetic option. We want everyone visiting our location to feel comfortable with our treatment options, so we’ve provided answers to our clients’ most frequently asked questions about AquaGold®:

  • What are AquaGold® Fine Touch™’S Advantages?
    AquaGold® Fine Touch™ effectively delivers drug or biologic micro-doses under your dermis with a free-free process and consistent depth. This significant advantage separates AquaGold® treatment from other conventional syringe options.

  • How big are the Microchannels?
    AquaGold®’s microchannels are 0.6 millimeters or 600 micrometers long and 0.13 millimeters or 130 micrometers wide. These measurements are thinner than human hair, and this treatment has a total of 20 microchannels.

  • What Are AquaGold®’s Microchannels Made of?
    The microchannels used in AquaGold® Fine Touch™ are made of gold-plated stainless steel. This material provides the microchannels with structural integrity. Pure gold is also more biocompatible with human skin and prevents allergic responses and irritation after treatment. Other metals and impurities in other treatment options can cause unnecessary irritation.

  • How does AquaGold® Work to Resolve Skin Issues?
    We can customize your AquaGold treatment and apply it with this microchannel device to fit your unique concerns and desired results. If we use platelet-rich plasma, your treatment can effectively smooth fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin tone and texture, act as an antioxidant with hydrating properties, and stimulate collagen and elastin production for thicker and tighter thinning skin. Typically, you won’t see these results immediately, but they will gradually improve over months. To maximize your cosmetic results, we can further customize AquaGold® Fine Touch™ treatment with other ingredients. Our team recommends getting three AquaGold treatments four to six weeks apart to get the best results. This treatment also works well with other cosmetic treatments, such as applying dermal filler injections following laser treatment.

  • Who is a good Candidate for Treatment?
    AquaGold works best as a cosmetic treatment option for patients wanting a softer and more youthful appearance without dramatic changes. Microneedling treats your skin’s superficial layers and provides moderate but noticeable skin texture improvement, fine line and wrinkle reduction, and increased collagen production. Uptown Medical Aesthetics advises you that microchanneling is not an injection treatment replacement. However, we can treat tight space with AquaGold’s small size and ensure an even, natural result with its small volume of solution. We can effectively treat the skin on your neck, face, and décolletage.

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Tighter, more youthful skin is within easy reach when you rely on Uptown Medical Aesthetics to apply various solution doses using AquaGold® Fine Touch™. This revolutionary device takes the pain out of beautification while delivering platelet-rich plasma, dermal fillers, and other drugs and biologics under your skin. We welcome patients to take advantage of this moderate treatment for fine lines, wrinkles, and many other dermal issues. Contact us today to learn more about AquaGold and schedule professional care

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