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neck lines before and after

What Are Necklace Lines & What Causes Them?

Horizontal necklines are also referred to as necklace lines. Necklace lines are ring-like lines that cross over and up the neck as if you are wearing a necklace. These lines are produced by a decrease in collagen and elastin production in the skin. This can happen due to aging, weight and hormone fluctuation, sun damage, and smoking. From genetics to looking down while reading, there are many reasons we see wrinkling and fine lines in the neck area.

What Are Platysmal Bands & What Causes Them?

Vertical necklines are also referred to as platysmal bands. Platysmal bands are the vertical cords on both sides of the neck. Typically, they become more visible with age. Platysma bands are often caused by loss of muscle tone, sagging skin, and aging, affecting both the muscles and the skin. While neck wrinkling is inevitable with age, the concern is growing to stop ignoring this vital part of the body.

What Are My Treatment Options?

Necklace lines and platysmal bands can both be treated with BOTOX® , temporarily removing wrinkles on your neck and relaxing the platysma muscle, creating a more youthful-looking neck!

BOTOX® is an injectable made from a purified neurotoxin, which temporarily paralyzes targeted muscles. This affects the overlying skin by causing it to appear smoother and more youthful. We use these injectables to help relax the platysma muscles so that the vertical bands become less noticeable.

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