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neck lines before and after

Necklace Lines & Platysmal Bands

From genetics to looking down while reading, there are a wide variety of reasons we see wrinkling and fine lines in the neck area. We categorize neck lines in two ways: horizontal lines (necklace lines) and vertical lines (platysmal bands). While neck wrinkling is inevitable with age, concern is growing greater and greater to stop ignoring this important part of the body. Necklace lines are just as they sound, they form horizontal ring-like lines up the neck as if you are wearing a necklace. They can be injected with dermal fillers to fill these lines and create a smooth appearance. Platysmal bands appear like guitar strings under the skin. They are strips of muscles that can be treated with injectables, to halt their contraction and create a more relaxed appearance. If lines on your neck are starting to cause you concern, schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our expert injectors. They will assess your needs and provide a beautiful, natural and smooth result on this delicate area of the body that is an extension of your face.

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