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Botox® has been FDA approved since 2002 to treat moderate to severe lines between the brows, crows feet, forehead wrinkles, and lip lines.

botox between eyes

Frequently Asked Questions

How will my skin look after Botox®?

Temporary bruising may occur, which can easily be covered with makeup. Most people can resume normal social activities immediately following a treatment.

How long does it take for the Botox® to work?

Results do vary but are typically noticeable within 7-10 days after the injection.

How often will I need Botox®?

Botox® usually lasts for about 3 to 4 months but can be re-injected every 3 months if necessary.

Is Botox® painful?

Most clients report minor and brief discomfort during the injections, therefore no anesthesia is required.

How does Botox® work?

Botox® is a purified protein that blocks the release of acetylcholine, which causes the muscle to contract, therefore allowing the muscles to smooth.

What does a Botox® procedure involve?
  • You fill out a brief medical history to see if you are a candidate for Botox®.
  • The area of concern will be evaluated.
  • Photographs will be taken.
  • Botox® will be injected into the desired treatment area.
  • After the procedure, post care instructions will be reviewed.
What are the benefits of Botox®?
  • Reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles between the brows.
  • Diminish the appearance of crow’s feet.
  • Give the brow a lift.
  • Reduce lateral lip lines
  • Reduce the appearance of forehead wrinkles
What is Botox® for hyperhidrosis?
  • Used for excessive sweating.
  • Can prevent the stimulation of the sweat glands – and thereby reduce excess sweating.
  • 50 units are used in each armpit. So 100 units total. which equals $1000 per treatment.
  • No downtime or recovery involved.
  • Can last anywhere from four to fourteen months depending on how fast your body metabolizes.

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