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Young woman with no wrinkles around lips

Lip Filler

Fine lines around the mouth and loss of fullness in the lips are some of the earliest signs of aging. Our expert lip injectors will assess your needs to determine the right products to make your lips look their best. Depending on how deep the lines are, fillers are a great option. They are safe, long lasting, and can deliver the results you’re looking for- whether a soft, natural, subtle look; or a plump, voluminous, full look. Everyone has different goals and we treat each patient based upon their individual needs. Whether you want to correct down-turned lips (turn that frown upside down!), outline the vermillion border for just a little more pout, accentuate the shape of the Cupid’s bow, give them more all over volume, or correct asymmetries, choosing us as your lip artists puts you in the best hands for this treatment. Schedule a complimentary consultation to get started.

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